Humanitarian Jobs

Humanitarian jobs are available throughout the United States and all over the world. Humanitarian organizations always need volunteers but only have a small amount of paid jobs. These paid jobs are mainly available to administrative staff and other business positions.

Positions Available

The most common types of humanitarian jobs are for people who raise awareness about the organization, people who organize fundraising opportunities and a selection of volunteers. Humanitarian organizations also employ translators, marketers, project managers and instructors for their training courses. Many of these positions are paid but some organizations cannot afford to pay their personnel so they can only use volunteers. Most humanitarian organizations do not require their volunteers to have experience. However, they must have a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

Where to Find Jobs

Those who wish to find jobs in the humanitarian field should start first by volunteering for the organization. Most humanitarian organizations welcome volunteers on a rolling basis. Others may require an application or recommendations. Larger humanitarian organizations may place ads in the paper or online when they are accepting volunteers or job applications. Usually humanitarian organizations will need large numbers of volunteers after natural disasters, medical emergencies or in anticipation of upcoming blood drives.

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How to Apply

When looking to apply for a job in the humanitarian industry it is important to look at the scope of the job. Next, decideon the type of organization to work for, like a local office or a worldwide organization. The next step in the application process should be contacting the humanitarian organization to inquire about job openings. If they have openings ask for an application or send in a resume. Having experience with the organization or humanitarian causes in general is a plus and will strengthen any resume.


Humanitarian jobs will be required as long as people around the world continually need support and help. Most humanitarian organizations operate on a non-profit basis and run solely off of the work of volunteers. CEOs, recruiters, managers and translators do work for these companies and get paid for their work. However, in some instances, these positions are filled by volunteers that do not get paid. More jobs will become available when natural disasters and medical emergencies arise.


Salaries for humanitarian organization jobs will vary by company size, location and their budget. A personís experience is also another factor that affects the salary amount. The average humanitarian worker will make around $36,000 per year. Administrative jobs or CEO jobs will have an annual salary usually above $80,000 per year. A Humanitarian Affairs Officer will make around $107, 526 per year while a Humanitarian Livelihood Specialist for Oxfam will make around $59,000 per year.

While humanitarian organizations only employ a small amount of people, volunteers are always needed. Volunteers do not need experience but administrator or telerecruiter jobs will need experience and training first. Paid jobs are only for those in the administrative office or those who have high ranking positions in the company.

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